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8M Tablet Hardness Testing Machine
8M as combination machine
HS8 handling system for the 8M
AT4 autotest
10X protected against dust and water
DISI tablet disinteration tester
DIS series tablet-dissolution tester
JV series tapped density testers for powder
FR & FRV series
TM-200 cap torque analyzer
DR Schleuniger
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JV series tapped density testers for powder
The JV Series tapped density testers were developed especially for measuring the density of powders, granulates and similar products when these are compressed. They comply with the methods of the American Pharmacopoeia USP, Chapter <616>, Method 2 and the European Pharmacopoeia EP, Chapter 2.9.15. These methods are helpful for powder-fl ow studies, and also for determining the compression of the materials during transport.
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