About DRS
8M Tablet Hardness Testing Machine
8M as combination machine
HS8 handling system for the 8M
AT4 autotest
10X protected against dust and water
DISI tablet disinteration tester
DIS series tablet-dissolution tester
JV series tapped density testers for powder
FR & FRV series
TM-200 cap torque analyzer
DR Schleuniger Pharmatron
About DRS
The Dr. Schleuniger Group was established in 1955. Production and worldwide sales of the 2E tablet-hardness testing machine began in 1972. In 1990, Dr. Schleuniger Pharmatron AG was formed. In the same year a subsidiary was set up in Manchester, NH/USA, with a branch in Puerto Rico. For 30 years now, Schleuniger tablet testing machines have been part of the standard equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. Over 15,000 Schleuniger machines are in use throughout the world. Representatives in over 40 countries ensure faultless after-sales service and support for all products.

Dr. Schleuniger Pharmatron AG offers a complete product range and comprehensive quality solutions for fully automatic, semi-automatic and also manual testing of solid medication shapes and materials. Prominent among these are our tablet-testing machines and the test equipment for breakdown time, dissolution, abrasion, powder. Our after-sales service occupies a very important place in the company. First-class service and prompt, competent customer support as well as training in the factory or on-site are as much a matter of course for us as the quality of our products.
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