About Us

The Teguh Pharma Group, a fast-growing Bumiputra enterprise, has been quietly setting the standard among Bumiputra companies serving the laboratory and pharmaceutical markets. Now, our mission is to be a top-tier global solution provider for the pharmaceutical, scientific research and life sciences industries.

Our Business

Since our inception in 2001, The Teguh Pharma Group has evolved into a diversified solution provider to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, scientific research and life sciences industries. Our end-to-end, integrated solutions range from supplying a wide range of quality scientific equipment – from initial R & D process right up to the end user – to complete turnkey consultancy services for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry – from plant floor layout design right up to quality management practices. These diverse needs are taken care by our subsidiaries:


Teguh Pharma

Teguh Pharma specifically serves the special needs of the University and Government sectors. It supplies scientific and research equipment including university labs on turnkey project basis for diverse range of applications in fields such as:

  •          Pharmacology, Physiology and Pathology,
  •          Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical studies,
  •          Biochemistry, Electrochemistry and Chromatography,
  •          Genomics / Proteomics, Biomedical engineering,
  •          Nuclear Technology Studies.

PatiI Vista

Pati Vista’s primary focus is in the pharmaceutical industry. It distributes and services a full range of process equipment as well as precision equipment for QA and QC labs in several manufacturing facilities in Malaysia. The major industries it currently serves are:

  •         Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  •         Cosmetics
  •         Chemicals
  •         Food and Beverage

Lab Thai Scientific

Lab Thai Scientific was set up early 2003 to support the growing Thai market, this venture allows us to establish market presences Internationally and further enhance our support systems for our customers.


ADIstruments South East Asia (SEA) Regional Office based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia will oversee all the business activities in this region spanning from Indonesia,Phillipines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The regional office is a one stop centre to coordinate and ensure a more effective business approach for the region namely in the areas of :-

  •         Sales & marketing Activities
  •         Technical Support Services
  •         Order Processing, Parts stocking & Distribution
  •         Laboratory Traning Resources for distributors and customers alike

This regional presence will be backed by the international support resources available through ADIstruments Pty Ltd Australia. This means customers will get an enhanced systems - a one stop resource closer to home with expanded capabilities with top quality sales and services.


Our promise

We founded The Teguh Pharma Group based on a single promise to our clients: to do whatever it takes to deliver the right solutions, on time and on budget. For over Seven years, our teams have consistently delivered on this promise.

Our Team

Our leadership team stays ahead of the curve, inspiring a shared vision and motivating everyone at The Teguh Group to drive to it. We are knowledgeable, seasoned professionals with a proven track record in MNC companies, Teguh Pharma’s Team is well versed in over 3000 products and is quite knowledgeable in scientific and pharmaceutical processes.

We also have a team of highly creative, passionate and dynamic experts in business and the industry. Combining our collective knowledge in understanding customer needs, we at The Teguh Group provide customers with the best-in-class solutions as well as excellent customer support and service every step of the way.