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8M – The continuation of a successful story

The 8M tablet-hardness testing machine for measuring hardness and diameter has proved its worth in the pharmaceutical industry throughout the world for many years now. The tablets are placed in the machine individually and by hand. In this way even unconventional tablet shapes can be tested easily and correctly. Operation of the 8M could not be easier and takes place either via the built-in keypad or via an optional standard PC keyboard. Test menus, test parameters and results are shown on the LC display.

On completion of a test run, the report is printed out automatically via the linked printer. The report shows the product and test parameters, the calibration data and also the individual measured values with a statistical analysis. For special tablet shapes or for other products (wash tabs, ampoules, etc.) special jaws are available.

The functionality of the 8M can be extended by attaching an external thickness gauge and analytical balance. In addition, the tester has connections for an external keyboard and printer. The system can be integrated with other devices and data collection systems via an RS232C interface.

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