Travel Health Kit

The Travel Medical Kit was designed specifically to cater for people on the go, it is literally a one stop pharmacy in where you will have all the basic necessary medication one would need when you travel.

The Concept itself is Unique, Sparked by a group of dedicated doctors from Sunway Medical Centre and with the help of Teguh Pharma (M) Sdn Bhd this innovative idea was born, we begun this journey of providing peace of mind to the common traveler where one knows no matter where he or she is, they will always have their Travel Medical Kit. In most instances most people  hardly know where the medical establishments are in a new place, and that’s when the Travel Medical Kit would prove to be a life saver or at least ease your discomfort.

We have recently launched our newest version of the Travel Medical Kit which is the new improved design spotting catchy colors, more compact and much more trendier then the previous design. The bag itself has a number of unique features such as:-

  • Size of product :- 51/2 H x 7W x 21/2T All measurements in inches.
  • Fully padded all round, so that not to damage any medication inside.
  • Cleverly designed netting and garter inside, to keep medication intact and to also allow additional space for personnel items.
  • It also comes with a top handle and a belt loop for easy handling.
  • Further more it is splash proof.
  • To establish a trusted relationship between consumer and your Organization.
  • Associating your Organization with Travel Health / Healthy Living.
  • To be the first to promote a first of its kind in Malaysia.
  • To increase revenue for your Merchandising sector.
  • To be able to co-brand and carry your company  logo worldwide.
  • Value Ad to for your packages.
  • Option to refill Travel Medical Kit in Sunway Medical Centre at a discounted price.
  • Discounted prices for the Travel Health services:- Before, During and After Travel.
  • Discounted Dental Check-ups.
  • Discounted Executive Health Screening Program at SunMed.
Key Advantages
  • Your establishment will be providing a value added service to its clients.
  • Convenience to your customers.
  • Your establishment will further enhance its relationship with Sunway Medical Centre via the Travel Medical Kit.
  • To become a standard item on board promoting healthy living.
  • To be able to do future tie-ups, promotions and sponsorships.
  • To Fully take advantage of the Travel Health Services provided by Sunway Medical Centre i.e joint promos.
  • To increase database of customers via the Travel Medical kit in-order to further inform them of up coming promo‘s 
  • All Packaging is done in a Clean Room Environment.
  • Class 100.000.
  • Fully Trained Staff.
  • Minimum Order negotiable.
  • Lead time for order 40days.
Attached Documents
  • Travel Advisory in English.
  • Travel Advisory in Bahasa Malaysia.
  • Medication provided in Med Kit.
  • News paper articles on product.