In-vitro Assays
Represented Instruments


Cat. No. 5025

A sturdy reliable Ventilator featuring the same kinematic design of the Rodent & Cat/Rabbit Ventilators (see box nearby!) but dimensioned for dogs. 350 ml and 700 ml cylinder/ piston combinations are available. The Pump frame is fastened to a trolley which moves on heavy duty casters, two of which are provided with pedal operated brake/release mechanism.


Cat. No. 28025

28025 Mouse Ventilator is a mechanically unique positive positive pressure pump, according to Starling's ventilation method, designed for use with mice, but also suitable for very small birds, perinatal rats, etc. The instrument is light and compact, cm 20x13x18,5 and it is self-contained: in other words, it embodies its power supply which feeds the geared motor, its feedback controller and the rate display. The tidal volume, in the range 0,1 - 1 ml (or 0,05 - 0,5 when the smaller cylinder/piston is installed) can be selected either while the pump is running or at a standstill.


Cat. No. 7025/6025

The 7025 Ventilator is a positive pressure pump (according to the Starling's ventilation method), designed for the use with guinea pigs, rats, mice and small birds. The 6025 is designed for cats and rabbits. They consist of a variable speed geared motor linked by a novel variable stoke mechanism to an interchangeable cylinder/piston assembly (1,5, 10 or 30 ml for the 7025, 50 or 100 ml for the 6025). The speed of the motor is precisely regulated by an electronic feedback-controlled drive, thus providing the most accurate and reliable stroke rate control of any respirator available. Care has been taken to insure that electronic noise broadcasting is negligible. Special models provided with suitable circuit for synchronized START/STOP are also available.