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In-vitro Assays
Represented Instruments
Represented Instruments

Cat. No. 5200

A new generation of micro-controlled syringe pumps, designed specifically for applications requiring high metering precision at low, pulse-free flow rates. The KDS Pumps provide a unique combination of sophisticated features and advanced micro-stepping motor-drive technology. Many of the tasks that other pumps do manually are performed automatically: you will find them extremely simple to set up and use and surprisingly affordable. Available as single, double or multiple syringe units; the picture features Cat. No. 5200 2-syringe model. A simpler and more economic single-syringe model, Razel A-99 Cat. 5000 is also available.


Cat. No. 51600

The Stoelting LabStandard can be readily adapted for use with most laboratory small animals. This versatile stereotaxic instrument is fully compatible with a wide range of accessories manufactured by Stoelting and others. Superior features on the 5160 include bronze bushings on the manipulator guide rods to allow electrical grounding of the whole instrument and enhance stability. A simple universal joint allows the investigator to angle the probe in either the anteriorposterior or the lateral directions. A locking pin enables locking this joint in the straight vertical position. The superior locking mechanism will hold any angled position without slippage.