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NR Industries
Tablet Punches & Die
Computerized machine tools
High quality steel
Expert craftsmanship
Meticulous Q.C.
Quick delivery
Reasonable price

Relation of maximum force and punch tip
Clearance of punch and die

CAD/CAM system are our tools for master design, drawing and create CNC programs to assure most accuracy and integrity of designs and also obtain quality and quick delivery of compression tools.
Drawings are made for customer design approval, prior to HOB manufacture.
Tungsten carbide steel availabe on cutomer require.
Nowadays high performance tabletting machines require high quality of compression tooling-punches and dies to make high quality tablets with maximum output.
During HOB manufacture, CNC engraving machines provide speed, accuracy and perfect repeatability.
CNC control wire EDM to cut the internal shape of dies. Especially for odd-shape dies that require precise cutting.
Computer controlled EDM with graphic display.
CNC Lathe machine reduce machinery time and human errors considerbly by conventional controlled.
CNC profile grinding machine precisely grind of odd shapes.
Quality control being perform in all production steps to ensure all o our products meet with standard.