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About & Product Range
Tabletting Machine
- NRT Series
- NRIR Series
Tablet Formulating
- High Speed Mixer / Granulator
- Fluid Bd Dryer
- Dry Blender
Tablet Coating
Tablet Punches & Die
Strip Packing
NR Industries
Tablet Formulation Research & Development
Continuous process
High output
Require less space
One man operate
Designed for close system
Easy for dust control
High product yield
Meet gmp requirements
Mixing Process
1. Move raw materials vessel to High Speed Mixer
2 Join the vessel to lifting arm of lifter
3-4. Lift up
5. Swing to mixing bowl then discharge raw materials
6. Swingraw material vessel out, then proceed mixing
7. Discharge the mixed materials through wet granulator into fluid bed dryer bowl
8. Move the fluid bed dryer bowl to Fluid Bed Dryer
9. Proceed drying
10. Take out fluid bed dryer bowl, then move to Dry Blender
11. Move storage bowl to Dry Blender
12. Assemble the storage bowl to be double cone mixer
13. Join the fluid dryer bowl to lifting unit

14-17. Proceed auto load ( automatially )
  • Lift up (at the same time dry granulator moved to double
    cone mixer)
  • Reverse
  • Continue lift up to the top
  • Swing to dry granulator
  • Discharge dried material through granulator into double
    cone mixer

18-20. 18-20. Proceed auto return ( automatially )
  • Lift up
  • Swing out of dry granulator
  • Lift down (at the same time dry granulator moved out of
    double cone mixer)
  • Reverse
21-24. Proceed dry mixing
25-27. Take out the fluid bed dryer bowl to receive new batch of dried granules
28. Take out the mixing bowl use as storage bowl. Ready for tabletting or further process