Advanced Quality Nova-LIMS
Key Benefits
Novatek International
Nova-LIMS Software
Key Benefits
Using our modular NOVA-LIMS will benefit a company in many ways as it is an automated system that includes a package of unique features:
Increased Efficiency
Paperless environment
Customizable reporting options
Fast data entry features, ex; bar-coding
Free form query
Increased Productivity
Adapt NOVA-LIMS to the CLIENT lab routine, customizations and instrument connectivity available
Scheduling, tracking, statistical package
Increased throughput
Real Time Data Processing & Handling
Increased Accuracy
Significant minimization of Human Error
Avoid missing deadlines
Maximal Security and Control
OOS Notification & Custom Alert Controls
21 CFR Part 11 compliant
Audit trail and User log
Electronic signatures
Data concurrency security
Configuration of User Rights & Privileges