Advanced Quality Nova-LIMS
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Advanced Quality Nova-LIMS
Advanced Quality Nova-LIMS is a 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant long-term solution that ensures you have centralized control and maintenance of all your data handling software solutions. It is a client/server product comprised of specialized functional modules such as the Environmental Monitoring Module, the Stability Module, the Raw Material Analyzer, the Finished Product Analyzer, the Calibration and Preventive Maintenance Module, the Automated Packaging Component Analyzer and Document Management System, audit and training Module. It is modular, ensuring users only need to purchase the modules that concern the sample types they require. Further more, as the company grows and needs change, additional modules can be purchased and activated with a minimum of integration and validation.
Advanced Quality Nova-LIMS is Microsoft compatible and interfacing with any office management or Instruments through Instrument connectivity software, is possible creating a complete and paperless integration of data.
It contains comprehensive functionality that enables client specific customization and rapid implementation. Our professional staff guides you through implementation, validation and training. Advanced Quality Nova-LIMS represents an investment in a technological improvement to the current Advanced Quality Nova-LIMS system of information management.
Advanced Quality Nova-LIMS is compromised of the following modules:
the Raw Material Analyzer,
the Finished Product Analyzer,
the Stability Program,
the Environmental Monitoring Program,
the Calibration and Preventive Maintenance Program,
the Document, Audit and Training Application
the Automated Packaging Component Analyzer
Consumables & Inventory Management System
This system may be configured to work either as a modular unit or LIMS. 
Please note, other sample types (clinical, production…) may be added upon request.
If a user does not have access to a particular module, the icon on the toolbar is disabled for the user.
The System Administrator is responsible to managing users, including adding or editing a user’s profile.