Binocular Educational Microscope
Biological Microscope with LCD Screen
Inverted Biological Microscope
Biological Microscope Flower Series MC100
"Pink" - "Daffodil"
"Poppy" - "Snowdrop"
- "Tulip"    
Biological Microscope Flower Series MC300
- "Lotus" - "Orchid"
- "Edelweiss" - "Rose"
Brightfield Standard
MC300 "Rose"

Standard model of the Flower series MC300 with an excellent cost-performance ratio. Basic version already equipped with high contrast S-PLAN objectives.

With its sturdy construction and easy handling, it is detined to be an indispensable laboratory instrument.

Since the design of the Flower series permits upgrading with various accessories, it is suited for a great variety of applications which could not be carried out before in this price range.


Further data of MCD300, MCP300, MCX300, & MC300