Binocular Educational Microscope
Biological Microscope with LCD Screen
Inverted Biological Microscope
Biological Microscope Flower Series MC100
"Pink" - "Daffodil"
"Poppy" - "Snowdrop"
- "Tulip"    
Biological Microscope Flower Series MC300
- "Lotus" - "Orchid"
- "Edelweiss" - "Rose"
Biological Microscope
MC50 "Pink"
MC50 binocular microscope has been developed for routine laboratory applications and now enters the market with a new design and a substantially upgraded optical system. Based on a sturdy construction, you get a solid and attractive instrument with a long durability at a very interesting price-performance ratio. Researchers and explorers, tall and small, will come to cherish the ergonomic arrangement of the operating controls, the DIN standard ACHRO optics which guarantee strain free work and the unique quality of illumination.



Further data of MC50 & MC50BAT