Binocular Educational Microscope
Biological Microscope with LCD Screen
Inverted Biological Microscope
Biological Microscope Flower Series MC100
"Pink" - "Daffodil"
"Poppy" - "Snowdrop"
- "Tulip"    
Biological Microscope Flower Series MC300
- "Lotus" - "Orchid"
- "Edelweiss" - "Rose"
Brightfield Standard
MCD300 "Lotus"

For light-intensive examination, e.g. live blood. In the immersion dark field range at a magnification of 1000x a lot of homogenous light is necessary, especially if the picture is viewed through a video camera or taken by a photography camera at the same time. The MCD300 with external 100W halogen illumination and a fiber optic light guide meets these high demands.

The cold light illumination protects sensitive specimen from being damaged. Naturally the illumination system can also be used for brightfield, phasecontrast and polarization.

It can be used for all applications that require a lot of light, high magnifications and concurrent documentation or observation.


Further data of MCD300, MCP300, MCX300, & MC300