Binocular Educational Microscope
Biological Microscope with LCD Screen
Inverted Biological Microscope
Biological Microscope Flower Series MC100
"Pink" - "Daffodil"
"Poppy" - "Snowdrop"
- "Tulip"    
Biological Microscope Flower Series MC300
- "Lotus" - "Orchid"
- "Edelweiss" - "Rose"
Advanced Biological Microscope
MCX100 "Daffodil"
Identical in construction with MC100, the basic equipment of this model already complies with the wish of an improved optic. The new ICO Infinitive Objective Series is chromatically corrected for the focus level and therefore ensures the highst image quality. This optical system is also provided with Anti-Fungus treatment.


Further data of MC100, MCX100, & MC100BAT