Binocular Educational Microscope
Biological Microscope with LCD Screen
Inverted Biological Microscope
Biological Microscope Flower Series MC100
"Pink" - "Daffodil"
"Poppy" - "Snowdrop"
- "Tulip"    
Biological Microscope Flower Series MC300
- "Lotus" - "Orchid"
- "Edelweiss" - "Rose"
Binocular Educational Microscope
MC20 "Violet"

"Violet" is a high-capacity binocular microscope which is easy to work with. With its appealing design and despite its reasonable price it is a high-grade microscope which is qualified for many different fields of work such as education, hobby and even professional uses. The high quality of the images and the instrument itself guarantees the user that submerging into the unknown will be a delight for many years to come.


Further data of M10 & MC20