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Clean Room Build & Design
Our pursuit of technology application is manifested through our persevering commitment to offer the most cost effective solution for each and every project undertaken. No problem is viewed as simple and no solution is viewed as optimum until our dedicated project teams are satisfied that all feasible that all feasible options have been considered and our customer's critical requirements are met.
Types of Cleanroom Design and Build Projects:
  Industrial Cleanrooms up to ISO 14644-1 ISO 3 Level
  Pharmaceutical cGMP Cleanrooms
  Bio Cleanroom including Operating Suites and Biohazard Rooms
  Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms
  HACCP Facilities for Food & Beverages Processing
In our cleanroom system design and build projects, we offer the following services:
  HVAC and filtration system
  Ultrapure water system
  Process utility system
  Exhaust air & waste water treatment system
  Airborne molecular contamination control system
  Architectural system including wall panelling, ceiling grid and flooring works
  Cleanroom equipment such as air showers, pass boxes and other
  essential components
  Lighting and power distribution system
Our competitive advantage lies in:
  Design and build competency from over 12 years of experience
  Professional project management and co-ordination capabilities for on time
  delivery of integrated and multi services projects
  Combine resources from our network of regional offices
  Turnkey design & construction capabilities
Diverse industry experience and customer base:
  Data storage
  Bio science
  Surface coating
  Food and beverage
  Cleanroom support industry