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ADResearch (Intro)
PowerLab systems combine software-controlled setting of parameters, extensive signal conditioning options, variable sampling speeds and powerful real-time computations with the advantages of computer based data display and analysis. They offer the functionality of a chart recorder, XYT plotter, digital voltmeter and storage oscilloscope in one compact unit.
ADInstruments products are designed for research and are not intended for clinical purposes.
  • PowerLab Systems are available with 4, 8, or 16 input channels with sampling speeds of up to 200 kHz per channel. They connect to computers using high speed USB.
  • LabChart & Scope software supplied with every PowerLab, provide comprehensive recording, display, analysis and storage options for Macintosh and Window computers.
  • To tailor a system to your needs, select signal conditioners, instruments, transducers and accessories, as well as specialist software. Your nearest ADInstruments representative can help with this.
  • For complete solutions containing all of the equipment you need for a specific application, view our range of Research Systems.
  • Our products are manufactured under an internationally recognized quality system and all signal conditioners designed for human use are approved for human connection.