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ADEducation (Intro)
Access a Wide Range of Teaching Resources
To save you valuable time in creating course materials, we have developed a number of teaching resources for human physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, sports science, animal physiology, neurobiology and psychophysiology.
Teaching Experiments for PowerLab and LabChart Software
Access this page for downloadable teaching experiment resources for LabChart software. Resources include experiment protocols, instructor notes, settings files, sample data files and much more. LabChart software is ideal for introductory as well as advanced courses and provides the option of customizing experiments.
Teaching Applications - A Guide to Customized LabChart Experiments

For further ideas on experiments and equipment requirements browse through Teaching Application pages. ADInstruments Teaching Systems featuring PowerLab, are ideal for teaching at all levels and across a vast range of life science disciplines.

Teaching Experiments for PowerLab and LabTutor Software

Download a set of self-contained life science experiments for LabTutor software. LabTutor software guides students through data acquisition, analysis and laboratory reports, all within the one program. It is ideal for introductory and intermediate courses.