Training & Support
ADEducation (Intro)
Our Teaching Systems are based on the award winning PowerLab data acquisition and analysis system. PowerLab systems combine software-controlled setting of parameters, extensive signal conditioning options, variable sampling speeds and powerful real-time computations with the advantages of computer based data display and analysis. They offer the functionality of a chart recorder, XYT plotter, digital voltmeter and storage oscilloscope in one compact unit.

ADInstruments products are designed for teaching use and are not intended for clinical purposes. See intended use for safety information.

  • PowerLab Systems for teaching are available with 2 and 4 input channels and sampling speeds of up to 100 kHz per channel. They connect to computers using high speed USB.
  • LabChart & Scope software provide the power and flexibility to be used for a wide range of teaching levels and applications.
  • LabTutor software is ideal for introductory courses and laboratories that teach scientific principles, not data acquisition skills.
  • LabAuthor software is ideal for editing existing or creating your own experiments for use with LabTutor and PowerLab.
  • To tailor a system to your needs, select signal conditioners, instruments, transducers and accessories, as well as specialist software. Your nearest ADInstruments representative can help with this.
  • Complete PowerLab Teaching Systems include all the hardware, software and teaching resources to cover a wide range of human and animal experiments at any tertiary level.
  • Our products are manufactured under an internationally recognized quality system and all signal conditioners designed for human use are approved for human connection.

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